Reid Bartlett


Reid Bartlett is a music producer and multi-instrumentalist who has been playing guitar and singing for more than 13 years in the region. He studied guitar with Richard Savino at Sacramento State University, completing a BA degree, and has spent the last two summers in Granada studying Spanish guitar. His music draws varied inspiration from the likes of Paul Simon, The Beatles, Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, John Mayer, and the Dave Matthews Band. Not afraid to take musical risks, his songs take unpredictable harmonic and rhythmic turns, while maintaining very memorable melodies and pop sensibility.



Cugino is a band from Sacramento comprised of cousins Stefan Sorgea (guitar and vocals) and Mitchell Grimenstein (drums) who have been playing and writing music together for more than a decade. Their songs are influenced by artists ranging from China Crisis and Stan Getz, to Marvin Gaye and The Smiths.

Dorothy Lane


Dorothy Lane is Lorin Holmen (guitar and vocals), Nick Knoblock (guitar and vocals), Neil Parish (drums), and Tony Giuliano (bass), a band from Martinez formed in 2015 by brothers-in-law Holmen and Knoblock. The band has released an EP, “Cut & Dry” and is now playing shows and working on new songs for their first full-length album.

Eazy Dub


Dub reggae roots with elements of psychedelic rock and improvisation create Eazy Dub’s musical aura. The four-piece consists of Andrew Haro (drums), Brett Duewel (vocals, guitar), Garrett Foerstel (bass, vocals) and Jason Larson (percussion). Eazy Dub has been dubbing and rocking California since 2010. They dropped a record “Live at Gaslight” in June of 2018 just before Jason Larson joined on percussion. Since December 2017, Eazy Dub has played more than 80 concerts. Eazy Dub continues to tour California with plans to record a full length album that will be released by 2020.

Joel Lane


As far back as he can remember, Joel Lane has had an instrument in his hands. He says he has always loved writing and playing music. The serenity if writing and performing calms his mind and excites his heart. It is a passion that is exuded through his music.

Platinum Cake


Platinum Cake is a teenage rock band from Rocklin. Formed in the summer of 2017, the band includes Matthew, 17, on lead guitar; Clay, 15, on bass; Annie, 16, on vocals; Hannah, 13, on drums; and Piper, 15, on rhythm guitar. Platinum Cake won third place at Got Talent Sacramento for their original song Wild Ride and performed at Celebrate America in the summers of 2018 and 2019.

Short Trip


Short Trip is Jordan Stephen (guitar and vocals), Spencer Gilbert (bass) and Justin Hiebert (drums). The band has played the most popular local venues, including The Boardwalk, Cafe Colonial and Ace of Spades, and opened for acts such as The English Beat, Doyle (of the Misfits) and The Queers. Short Trip’s debut EP, “Entry Level,” was release in 2016. They continue to play around the Sacramento scene, appearing at local festivals such as UndeRage MusicFest and Independence Day, and are currently working on a full-length album.

Megan T. Smith


Megan T. Smith is a performer who splits her time between California, Nashville and playing on cruise lines. She seeks to inspire and be inspired; learn and grow; show love; and to live life beautifully.

Sunday slim


Sunday Slim is Brian Souders, a harmonica player from Folsom who has been playing since the age of 12. His early influences were Magic Dick, Huey Lewis and David Barrett. More current influences are Son of Dave, Jason Ricci and Adam Gussow. He’s self-taught and leans toward funk — not a traditional player.

The Vintage Find


The Vintage Find is Chris Matthews, Ken Burnett, Mark Seifert, Jim Fox and Chris Amato. A jam session in 2016 led to a top, local, must-see Americana act – armed with a full set of original songs and well-performed covers – that has played at major local festivals including Owlfest and Just Exactly Perfect, as well as many notable Sacramento area venues such as the Gaslight Co., Club Car, and Powerhouse Pub. The band’s debut self-titled album is almost ready for release and is already garnering vibrant feedback from fans and industry professionals alike.