Folsom VYBE, a festive celebration of local music and culture is nourishing our community as a benefit for Twin Lakes Food Bank.

What does it mean to nourish a community? Well, a number of things on a number of levels.

In the most obvious sense, it means providing food to people who are struggling to make ends meet. Because it’s hard to grow, contribute and thrive when you’re worried about where your next meal will come from.

It also means recognizing, nurturing and celebrating the unique talents among us. When we support the arts — and, more specifically, the artists — it enriches and edifies all of us, and helps define the character and identity of our community.

And it means providing entertainment, inspiration, culture, diversion, and just plain fun. It brings us together in a time when we’re increasingly divided. It gives us a reprieve from the stress of life. It’s the thing you circle on the calendar in anticipation ahead of time. And it becomes a touchpoint of memories for friends and families long after the event has ended. It’s not frivolous—it’s essential.

Folsom VYBE is all of these: A live musical performance showcasing local bands and artists held in one of the region’s premiere performing arts theatres supported by the sponsorship of local businesses and organizations featuring food, craft beer, wine, and band meet-and-greets; with all proceeds going to Folsom’s Twin Lakes Food Bank.

It’s where we:

  • Celebrate the (diverse, richly talented, but under-the-radar) local music scene.
  • Strengthen relationships and partnerships within our town.
  • Do something new that hasn’t been done here before.
  • Support an amazing local charity that’s helping people in direct, practical, tangible ways.
  • Bring the community together for a good time around a great cause.
  • Combat division in our culture by giving people something unifying and uplifting.
  • Create greater awareness of the real needs that exist within our local area—even in the midst of so much prosperity.
  • Inspire local residents—and youth in particular—to practice philanthropy right where they live.
  • Provide an opportunity for local musicians to lean into their unique styles, who they are, and how their gifts and storytelling abilities can help others.
  • Unleash the creativity of songwriting and the unifying power of music.
  • Create a space of intention (what’s your Y), awareness, and celebration.
  • Put a spotlight on the beautiful side of humanity.
  • Assemble a team of great minds, talents and passion to do something purposeful outside of ourselves and our everyday lives.